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The Instructional Program

Lindell Naito-Zieg, Director of Education, has owned and operated Lisha's Grooming Salon in Fullerton, CA for 23 years. During that time she has been a pet stylist, prepper, and bather. She has focused on developing her pet styling skills to a higher level and has groomed many breeds during her 23 years. She has also developed the art of creating individual styles for her customers at their request. She is trained in the "Golden Paws Method" which is a proprietary step-by-step instructional method designed to organize and structure the students learning capacity to achieve maximum results in learning pet styling.

The instructional program at O.C. Academy of Pet Styling is a simplified step-by-step method designed and refined over a 30 year period by one of the nations top instructors, Jacqueline Rauch. Also she has produced five instructional videos with the same step-by-step material. These videos compliment the instructional manual and they work in conjunction with one another. The composition of the instructional material is arranged and organized to develop quality styling skills, along with various breed designs, safety procedures, control methods, proper handling, and speed techniques.

The instructors at O.C. Academy of Pet Styling are professional stylists who are proficient with the training program. Each instructor aligns their styling skills along side of each instructional step in the program. Each one of these steps builds the framework in which the students develop their skills.

300 Clock Hours, 8 Week Full Time Program

This comprehensive program is designed for the student to master all of the basic grooming skills with an emphasis on the fine finishing skills. The student will begin the program by learning about the various tools, their usage, operation, and the maintenance. The next areas covered will be control methods, safety procedures, proper handling, cleaning and sanitation. The skill development portion of the program is taught in three parts. Part one is the prepping skills, and part two is the bathing and blow-drying skills, and part three is the styling and finishing skills along with the breed designs.

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